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4 Reasons Why This Journal Works

Learn how the Catalyst Entrepreneur Journal is structured.

Structured Daily Planning

Over-planning your days results in over-complication, stress, loss of clarity, and burnout. This is why giving yourself three manageable tasks daily creates the best structure for your to-do list and allows you to give each task 100%. The Catalyst Entrepreneur Journal also provides time boxing, featured in the Harvard Business Review as the number one way to increase productivity.

2 Month Habit Tracking

Did you know that it takes roughly two months to form habits? We did, so we created a two-month habit tracker and point system to compare day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month. So you can ensure you are progressing in the right direction and forming habits that will improve you and your business.

Guided Journaling Prompts for Envisioning, Brainstorming, and Goal-Setting

Entrepreneurship is tough. It's not easy, and it's a constant rollercoaster of emotions, especially when you're just starting. This leaves your mind confused and wondering, “How can I make this work.” The answer is making sure your intentions are clear, your work is improving, and you keep believing that what you do today will make tomorrow easier. And that's the idea behind each one of our 40 daily journal prompts. We want you to be able to understand that entrepreneurship is a journey. You’ll be able to envision, brainstorm, and goal set every day because your thoughts control your emotions, and your emotions control your behavior. Behavior is what makes entrepreneurship work.

Creating a Positive Mindset and Increasing Productivity

Positive mindsets and increased productivity go hand in hand. We want this journal to evoke that positive mindset in you daily and allow you to become a better entrepreneur by increasing your productivity. Studies have shown that a positive mindset can increase energy and brain stimulation, reduce stress, and enhance problem-solving skills.

Plan - Reflect - Journal

Take 5-10 minutes daily for mental clarity on the road to success as an entrepreneur. Plan out your day/ time box, Reflect on your performance, and journal away your thoughts with daily journal prompts based on entrepreneurship's four main pillars.





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