Our Mission

Do The Impossible

Entrepreneurship can be a long and draining journey. But the few who are determined to succeed will forever reap the benefits of living life freely. We here at Catalyst are all well aware of a stat - “99% of entrepreneurs fail within the first five years of business.”  This is the statistic that we absolutely hate! That statistic should never scare you or control your intentions. There may be some truth to it, but you have to ask yourself, “Why not me” why can’t I be the exception to this statistic? And that's what we are all about. Helping you and many other entrepreneurs understand that this is a journey, and if you show up daily with a plan and new ideas and don't give up… you will be the exception.  


The difference between successful and struggling entrepreneurs comes down to two things. Actions and thoughts. The way you think and what you do about it. We want to bridge that gap by supplying a tool that allows you to plan your actions, set intentions, and understand this journey. We want you to be able to brainstorm new ideas, track your progress, and KEEP THINKING  BIGGER! 


Entrepreneurship isn't something you just do. It's a lifestyle. Every day counts, and every action compounds. The moment you realize this is a game and to win, you must practice and refine your skills repeatedly—that's when your mindset switches. Nobody gains excellent success overnight. It is earned over time because plans were made and actions were acted upon. 


Take control today, tomorrow, this week, this month, and this year, and watch how your life will change. Join the community of other entrepreneurs taking on this journey, creating successful businesses, and doing the impossible. You are next. All it takes is action and a plan. 

- The Catalyst Team