4 Tips For Selling On Social Media

4 Tips For Selling On Social Media

Content is the most effective tool and the king of marketing in today’s business world. But what platform should you be on? Instagram? TikTok? Facebook? How do you actually make content that converts to sales? The list goes on and on. We will go over 4 tips to help you confidently take on this overwhelming and confusing world of social media.

1. Conquer 1 Platform at a Time

Every social media platform has its benefits and disadvantages when using the platform to sell your product or service. Yes, you should try to get on every platform you think adds value to you and your business, but giving your full attention to a single platform should be your primary focus. 

Each platform has different content forms, people, conversion rates, etc. Find the platform you think you can create the best content on and spend your time learning and understanding what makes content in your business's niche work well. Learn the SEO of the platform, follow along with competitors, and spend time using the platform with the intent to learn. Take what works and make it your own.

2. Work With Influencers

This should be a great starting point for you and your business if you sell a product and, in some cases, services as well. There's a reason why every major brand works with other social media creators and influencers, and it's because they can sell better than you can. 

But how do you find the right creators, and how do you contact them? Depending on your business/brand's size, they may contact you. But if you are a new business, you may have to work a little overtime researching and contacting influencers within your niche. 

As lovely as it may seem to reach out to significant influencers with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers, the best conversion results often come from what you call micro-influencers. Influencers with 10,000 - 100,000 followers, and in some cases less. But what you should be looking for when reaching out to these people is their engagement. Find people with high like counts, video views, and comments. These people do a great job with presenting content and have a following that pays attention to them. These are the creators you should be trying to get your product into the hands of. 

3. Be consistently consistent with your own content.

If you genuinely want to build a lasting business/brand, producing your own content is necessary. Post often and post with the intent to either inform, educate, or entertain viewers. Only some videos will blow up, but the consistency of videos over the long run will create the message you want to portray and, in turn, sell your product or service. 

So what should you post and where? Right now, the best platforms to be on are Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook. Youtube is also a fantastic platform if you want to tackle that as well. All 4 of these want you to post “short-form content.” Youtube is long-form dominant but has a short-form content feature called “shorts.” Short-form simply means videos under a minute in length. So use that time to show off your business or product effectively. But not in a “salesy” way. People don't want to be sold right away. They must be sold on you and your content before they can be sold on your business. 

As mentioned earlier, Inform, educate, and entertain. If you can consistently post one of those three things, you and your business are well on the way to social media success.

4. Create Paid Ads

Quite literally, the definition of “spend money to make money.” This is the advertising section of social media, and every platform encourages businesses to promote their products and services through their own paid ads platforms. The two places that are great starting points are Facebook and Instagram Ads. They are both owned by Meta, and you must use the Meta Business Manager to post your ads (you will need business pages on these platforms first).

There is a slight learning curve to creating and posting paid ads. Explaining the process of creating and posting paid ads is very lengthy, so here's a link to a great video about creating and posting Ads for Instagram and Facebook. Facebook/Instagram Ads Tutorial

So what type of ads should you post? The best way to research ads is by using the platform and viewing “sponsored” or “paid promotion” posts. These are paid ads, and by understanding what other businesses/brands are advertising, you can gauge what type of ads you should create and post. Pay attention to copywriting as well. Learn how to hook viewers with your wording in descriptions and your videos. 

Thank you for reading! As always, KEEP THINKING BIGGER!

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