3 Keys To Planning A Successful Day

3 Keys To Planning A Successful Day

Whether you work 9-5 and your business is a side hustle, or you’re full-time working on your business, having a plan each and every day is what pushes you and your business forward.

Plan the night before

By scheduling your day the night before, you ensure you wake up with a process: no surprises, no questions, just a plan. Hit the ground running without the worry and confusion of hour-to-hour tasks.


Do you ever feel like a particular task you are trying to perform takes too long? You start it, and then 30 minutes later, you are scrolling through the latest social media drama on your phone. That's because you probably need to time-block your tasks.

By giving each task a start and end time (Time-block), you are letting your brain know you have a deadline, and in turn, procrastination is highly unlikely.

Don't Overplan

Overplanning is a crutch. It's a way of chasing perfection without actually making any progress. It's easy to write down 20 different things you must do for the day. It's nearly impossible to complete all 20 of those tasks with your entire focus.

Overplanning will also lead to unnecessary stress and overthinking. You can switch from one task to another, leaving you with decision paralysis and a bunch of incomplete work.

Focus on what we like to call your “Top-3”— three of the most critical tasks for your day. Doing this will give you a flexible schedule and time to focus, and you will feel more accomplished at the end of the day.

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